The last word in performance. Ayre's reference interconnect cables are available in both balanced and unbalanced configurations, offering an unprecedented level of musical performance.

Ayre's investigations into both the dielectric and mechanical properties of materials has led to a breakthrough in interconnect technology. For the first time, a stunning openess and transparency is combined with a musical richness and harmonic complexity to create a complete and involving listening experience.

The Ayre Signature Series interconnects offer several exclusive performance features:

  • Air-filled Teflon suspension tubes provide maximal dielectric isolation.
  • Ultra-pure copper conductors are individually coated to create a true hermetic seal, maintaining their performance indefinitely.
  • Hand soldered terminations use advanced alloys with the best available connectors.
  • Woven fine-fiber jacketing creates the optimal mechanical and electrical environment for the audio signal.

Signature Series interconnects are available in both standard and custom configurations for any application, including line-level, phono cable, and video signals.

series detail

Signature Series interconnects are available in both balanced and single-ended terminations.