Phono cable
Phono Cables

Phono cartridges are inherently balanced devices, and using them with a balanced phono preamp will give the ultimate in performance. Custom-made Ayre Signature Series phono cables simplify the connection from your turntable to the balanced XLR inputs on the Ayre preamplifiers. These advanced design cables use only the highest quality materials to assure absolute integrity of this low-level signal. XLR connectors are utilized at the preamplifier end, and three versions are available for the turntable end:

  • Two male RCA connectors plus ground for Well Tempered, Eminent Technology, etc...
  • 5-Pin female DIN connector for SME, Graham, etc...
  • Available in straight and right-angle to provide optimal clearance for any installation.

If you wish to reterminate your existing cables, or have custom cables made for you, Ayre provides
schematic diagrams of the optimal configurations.



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For turntables with hard-wired cables, Ayre also offers ultra-high quality RCA-XLR adapters