MP Filter

Months of research went into the development of the new MP Digital filter. Read our white paper and see how we improved our optical disc players and why our QB-9 USB DAC is astonishing people worldwide!


Fully-balanced Circuitry

Balanced circuitry is a special dual configuration that rejects noise and interference—not only from external cables, but also from the AC power line itself. In an Ayre component even the signals from conventional sources are converted to the balanced format, resulting in vivid, lifelike performances, presented against an uncannily quiet background.

Zero-feedback Design

Conventional designs use negative feedback to compare the output signal to the input signal, which introduces time-domain errors and other artifacts. In contrast, Ayre's exclusive zero-feedback circuits are designed for intrinsically pure linearity, delivering performance that is coherent and natural.

E-I Core Transformers

E-I core transformers provide superior rejection of AC line noise compared to commonly used toroidal designs. This keeps radio frequency interference (RFI) out of the sensitive audio circuitry maintaining the purity of your musical signal.

The AyreConditioner

Keeping its cool in the noisiest of environments the Ayre Conditioner dissipates high-frequency power line interference as harmless thermal energy, delivering pure AC power to the circuitry. Built entirely from non-magnetic materials, its stable performance will always provide clean current for a deeper and richer sonic experience.