Service Bulletin (lasers)

Lasers, like light bulbs, have a finite lifespan. If you are an owner of an Ayre disc player you may consider purchasing an extra laser for your player to have on hand when you need it. Currently replacement lasers are available for all the Ayre disc players. However, this may not always be the case, in fact it is inevitable that sooner or later these lasers will increase in price and then be discontinued, it is something we do not have control over. We will continue to keep a stock of laser mechanisms for all Ayre disc players at the factory, but we can't stock a replacement laser for every unit we have ever built.

Pioneer has been excellent about maintaining a supply of repair parts but they can't do it forever. The original mechanism was discontinued 14 years ago and the newer mechanism was discontinued 12 years ago. It's actually pretty remarkable that they still can supply these spare parts...

Replacement lasers can be ordered online using the links below. The laser is installed as a complete assembly including the "sled" and requires no adjustment. However, lasers are sensitive to static electricity and we recommended that only experienced technicians perform the procedure.

Here are the Pioneer part numbers for each Ayre disc player and a link to purchase the part directly from Pioneer USA.

C-5 (all serial numbers) the pioneer part number is VXX2782. Purchase

DX-7 (all serial numbers) the pioneer part number is VXX2653. Purchase

Older D-1 dics players have a serial number beginning with "5Axxxx" to "5Jxxxx", and the setup menu is very stark black and white. Newer units have a serial number beginning with "5Kxxxx" and have a more colorful and "sleek" setup menu that matches the diagrams in the on-line manual for the DX-7 ( DX-7 manual ). There are no performance differences between the two versions.

D-1 (serial numbers 5Axxxx to 5Jxxxx) the pioneer part number is VXX2606. Purchase

D-1 (serial numbers 5Kxxxx to 5Uxxxx) the pioneer part number is VXX2653. Purchase

In case Pioneer changes their website, here is a link to the main page where you can enter the above part number and search for the laser you need. Pioneer Parts Website

If you live outside of the United States, here is a link to Pioneer's main page in Japan where you can find a local parts outlet. Pioneer Japan