Windows Setup:


For a Windows computer, there are two distinct aspects to cover. One is to set up the version of Windows you are using for the maximum audio performance, and the other is to choose and configure your music player. We will cover the setup instructions for each of the Windows operating systems separately.

Computer Requirements for Class 1

For system requirements for Class 2 audio, refer to the Going Beyond 96 kHz section under your specific operating system instructions.

Connecting the D/A Converter

Your Ayre USB D/A converter can be configured in one of two ways. There are DIP switches on the rear panel, with one marked "Rsrv A" and "Rsrv B". "Rsrv A" is the default and selects Class 1 Audio, which is simple to use and will handle all music files up (and including) 96 kHz. Some users may have music files with sample rates beyond 96 kHz. Class 2 Audio ("Rsrv B") is required for these and the more complex setup for this mode may be found on the Operating System page specific to your setup under the section Going Beyond 96 kHz.

For typical use, Class 1 audio is recommended ("Rsrv A") and connecting to your computer is the same regardless of which version of Windows you use. First, verify that your unit is plugged in to AC power, that the switch on the rear panel is in the "Rsrv A" position, and then connect the USB cable from one of your computer's USB ports to the USB port in the back of the unit. If the you need to switch the switch from "Rsrv B" to "Rsrv A", be certain to unplug the USB cable from either your unit or the computer, wait five seconds, and then plug the cable back in so that it will function properly.

When connecting your Ayre D/A converter to the computer while in Class 1 Audio mode, you may see a failed driver installation notification.

If you click on that window, you will see that it is for the Ayre DFU.

It is important to note that this is not the USB Audio Device and this failed installation notification may safely be ignored. Instead this notification refers to the Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU). The DFU functions only in Class 2 Audio mode and is used to update firmware for the Ayre USB D/A converter if required. Instructions on how to do this will be made available should firmware updates become necessary.

For further instructions on how to connect and set up the Ayre D/A converter, refer to the page specific to your operating system.

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